InnerCircle uses BuddyPress and bbPress to keep members engaged in its community forums. But without an app, CEO Tim Topham recognized that InnerCircle was missing out on staying in touch with members throughout their daily lives. AppBoss created a mobile learning solution featuring push notifications and community forums, resulting in great enthusiasm from InnerCircle’s membership base.


Tim Topham – Founder of InnerCircle and

About InnerCircle

InnerCircle helps piano teachers connect and access lessons on a LearnDash-based WordPress site to build and grow their teaching business. Members pay a subscription fee to access lesson plans, business coaching, mentorship and support.



The site owners wanted a mobile solution that would keep its members engaged and ensure they continued to pay for subscription. AppBoss was the only native solution for BuddyPress and WordPress, for a very reasonable price.

They also wanted their users to be able to take their lessons and view the platform’s content from anywhere.

They wanted users to be able to customize the app’s features and appearance.

It was difficult to find a service provider that would provide a quality solution for a reasonable cost.

InnerCircle had hired another company to create a previous app, but it was low-quality and did not feature the social community aspects desired.


How We Helped

InnerCircle was a great fit for our bbApp solution.

We have used our six step process to go from the initial on-boarding call to the live iOS and Android Apps, while ensuring a smooth experience for our client. Our design team helped create a custom bbApp rebranding, App icon, launch screen.

The team also helped put together the screenshots and feature graphic for the app stores.

Our development team worked on configuring the website together with the app, implementing the new designs, building and publishing the app. The team also helped with developing custom features that are specific to the client’s platform.

Our QA team ensured that the app was ready for production once the setup was complete.

Our team continues to maintain the InnerCircle app and make new feature and compatibility updates.

App Screenshots

Early Results

As soon as the first version of the app was launched, the client started seeing a number of positive results. The client states that they have been receiving lots of positive feedback from their users:

  • Users are saying it’s a lot easier to use and makes them want to engage more with the platform.
  • Users are drawn to the platform’s content more often, thanks to push notifications. This increases views, providing additional opportunities for monetization.
  • Increased engagement from users, making their members more successful and more likely to recommend the program.