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A Native Mobile App Solution for Your
LearnDash Powered Online Schools

learnerApp is designed to seamlessly integrate with the most powerful LMS for WordPress, LearnDash; the #1 LMS solution for Fortune 500’s, major universities, training organizations and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Our team has produced the processes and technology that will seamlessly turn your LearnDash powered online school into a native Mobile App on iOS and Android.

Giving you a single central hub to update your course curriculum while creating a multi-platform experience for your students on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Not using LearnDash? No problem! We can help you migrate your content to the LearnDash LMS. Apply today to speak to our team about migration packages.

The AppBoss team understands the needs of the mobile learner and know how to incorporate these very specific elements into your mobile powered learning program. If you're in the market for a native LearnDash app then AppBoss comes with my highest recommendation. You won't be disappointed.

Justin Ferriman

Co-founder, CEO, LearnDash

This Ain’t No “Cookie Cutter” App Builder...
We Build Custom Apps for Your Community.

This is NOT a cookie-cutter Saas software.

This is a done-for-you service that will provide your organization with a Mobile Learning experience for your students.

We have a team of developers, designers, project managers and quality assurance testers who will create your Mobile App based on YOUR requirements.

Our team will customize, build and launch your Mobile App, on your own account, on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

We Are The World’s #1 Experts For
WordPress Powered Mobile Apps

As the company behind BuddyBoss, we know WordPress development inside and out. Since 2011, our brand has served community-driven WordPress Themes to 1000’s of customers around the world.

We have invested 1000’s of hours and 100’s of thousands of dollars of our own money to build the processes and technology that power learnerApp’s seamless integration between your website and native Mobile App.

We understand just how important mobile is to the future of education and your bottom line... Which is why we treat each online school as a unique project, catered to your brand, students and community.

We Cut The Cost Of Your Mobile App
Development by 80% Or More Compared
to Any Competitor

Agencies charge between $40,000 to $80,000 and beyond for a custom built native Mobile App.

And once the app is done, you will need to continue to pay to keep the app updated. This can cost 10’s of thousands of dollars every year.

We recognized these challenges for course creators to enter the Mobile Learning market which is why we created learnerApp.

Our team created the processes and technology that power leanerApp’s Learner-Centric Mobile Education Platform™, allowing us to cut the cost of your Mobile App development by 80% or more.

While our platform cuts costs for our customers substantially, it still takes a significant amount of time and attention for our team to customize, build and launch a great mobile application.

So this is not a cheap investment, but it is a valuable one for the brands that strive to be on the cutting edge of education, increased course completion rates, and extraordinary student satisfaction.

A World-Class Mobile App Development Framework

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source Mobile App development framework built by Facebook and used by many of the major apps we use on our phones everyday.

React Native provides the performance and speed to build a great mobile application, cross-platform for both iOS and Android. Saving us 100’s of hours in development, and you 1000’s of dollars in development cost.

How do you connect LearnDash to React Native?

We built an API for LearnDash, which we install on your site via our AppBoss plugins. This allows our technology to synchronize data between your WordPress site and your Mobile App, in real-time.

State of the Art User Interface

Bring Back to Education

Increase retention and course completion rates with a unique Mobile Learning experience to serve your community.

Tap into the benefits of Micro-Learning

Micro-Learning is a method of teaching which has been proven to increase retention and course completion rates. Research from many of the top Universities in the world suggests that Mobile Learning is the most effective approach for delivering Micro-Learning curriculum. Allowing students to engage with your content throughout the day, wherever they go.

Engage Your Students With A Gamified Learning Experience

learnerApp helps you create a stimulating Mobile Learning experience for your students by using gamification and rewards which is proven to increase retention and course completion rates.

We support your preferred gamification plugin

Don't see your plugin ? No worries, we can integrate with your plugin too!

Unleash the Power of Social Learning

You can bring knowledge sharing in real-time betweens students through forums and discussions to create a unique collaborative learning environment.

Our Learner-Centric Mobile Education Platform™ brings bbPress forum capabilities into your Mobile App. This allows your students to participate in course discussions and learn from their peers on the go.

Using a seamless integration between your website and Mobile App, your students can continue to engage in conversations with each other from anywhere.

Many studies have reported that Social Learning is one of the top ways to increase retention, course completion rates, and student satisfaction.

Your Classroom In Your Student’s Pocket, Everywhere They Go

A native Mobile App allows you to provide Offline Support of your courses for your students. This creates an enormous amount of convenience for your students by providing access to your course materials anytime and anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Quick & Easy Access To Your Course Materials

Your students will have the ability to stay logged in throughout the day so they can quickly resume their lessons and not have to login on every visit. learnerApp automatically synchronizes between your website and your Mobile App in real-time, so your students can switch between desktop to mobile without losing their course progress.

Keep Your Students Up To Date In Real-Time

Use Push Notifications to alert your students about new course materials, discussions, special events and much more. This allows you to remind your students to stay engaged in your community and the learning experience.

Tap Into The Benefits Of Mobile Learning For Your Business

Increased Course Complete Rates

The Learner-Centric Mobile Education Platform™ is proven to create higher student engagement, retention, and satisfaction so that your students have higher completion rates which means REAL RESULTS for your students.

Most course creators make the ferocious mistake of ignoring just how IMPORTANT and PROFITABLE it is to get students to complete your course, engage in your community and enjoy the process.

A Direct Communication Channel Through Push Notifications

A Mobile App provides a direct marketing channel to your students and valued customers… So you can notify them in real-time about new content, course updates, special events, upgrades and new promotions.

What’s most exciting is that learnerApp provides advanced segmentation so that you can send Push Notifications to the right students at the right times.

True And Sincere Connection With Your Students

We pride ourselves in helping online schools build REAL communities that engage with each other in the learning experience. We have seen time and time again that when your students engage inside your community you will create a true and sincere connection with your students, build a loyal following and create a powerful brand experience.

Fully Synchronized Content Across All Devices

learnerApp allows you to update your course content from a single central hub across multiple platforms. You can manage all your content from your WordPress powered website so you can save time and easily keep your curriculum consistent. Each change is instantly synchronized across all your students' devices.

A Brand That Brings The “Wow Factor” Back To Education

Very few things say “innovator” louder than brands going mobile-first. An app instantly positions you at the top-tier of market leaders in your industry.

And just imagine what a world-class learning experience would do for your brand’s positioning and bottom line!

Unlock Mobile-Only Features For Your Online School

Exposure In The Apple App Store & Google Play Store

We will published your app on YOUR own Apple App Store and Google Play Store accounts giving you exposure in the two largest mobile app search engines in the world.

Offline Support

Your students can access your content from anywhere, even without an internet connection!

Advanced Push Notifications

Create audience segments, automations, and campaigns with learnerApps advanced Push Notification system so you can target the right students at the right time.

Custom Mobile App Pages

Need to add a custom page? There’s no extra fees. You can create and edit pages on your own inside your WordPress dashboard and display them inside your Mobile App.

Mobile Ads with AdMob

learnerApp integrates with Admob, allowing you to place Ads in your Mobile App. Use another Ad service? Let us know, we can help integrate it for you.

In-App Registration

You can choose to enable or disable users from registering for your courses from within your app or have your websites student database sync with your app. learnerApp synchronizes your WordPress database and mobile app in real-time.

In-App Purchases

learnerApp allows you to enable both Apple Pay for iOS and Google Pay for Android to provide your students with convenience and speed to pay for their courses, upgrades, or new promotions

We Support EVERY LearnDash Feature

Advanced Quizzing

We support all eight LearnDash quiz question types including Single Answer, Multiple Choice, Sorting, Matching, Fill-In-The-Blank, Free Text, Survey, Essays Questions and MUCH more.

Drip-Feed Content

Deliver all your lessons at once, or choose to drip-feed (schedule) them over a specified amount of time resulting in a guided learning experience.

User Profiles

Your students can see which courses they can access, their progress, quiz performance, and download earned badges or certificates on both desktop and mobile.

Social Learning

Organize your students into groups so that they are all on the same drip-feed content schedule. Once they are in a group, you can assign a Group Leader who can manage their progress, track performance and send push notifications when new content becomes available.

Lesson Timers

Don’t want your students skipping ahead? You can prevent them from moving through your courses too quickly by simply setting a Lesson Timer. When the clock reaches “zero”, students are then permitted to move onto the next Lesson.

Expire Access

Allow students to have lifetime access to your courses, or expire access after a certain amount of time. This is a perfect way to encourage re-certifications and renewals from your students!

Assignment Management

Have your students submit assignments throughout your course after every lesson or topic. You can automatically approve assignments, or require that they be manually approved & awarded grades, points or even rewards.

Certificates & Badges

Award official certificates based on quiz performance, completing a course, or both! Certificates can be 100% customized and support dynamic data generation including students names, completion and expiration dates, grades and more

Plus Many More Popular Features

Unlimited Students

You can have an unlimited amount of students using your Mobile App without any hidden fees! Making it easy for you to scale your online school around the globe.

Unlimited Courses

You can add an unlimited amount of courses to your Mobile App without any hidden fees! Making it easy for your students to access all your courses from a single app.

Mobile Support for SCORM

Do you create your courses using Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, or iSpring? No worries! Your SCORM packages will run smoothly with learnerApp!

bbPress Discussion Forums

AppBoss offers forum capabilities using our mobile integration with bbPress through our bbApp API Plugin. This allows your students to participate in course discussions, learn from other students, and creates unique user-generated content for your online school.

Social Login

Allow your users to easily login and register on your app, using their existing social profiles.

Google Analytics Integration

learnerApp integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to track data about how your Mobile App is being used.

Works with ANY Theme!

Since this is a native app and NOT a "responsive website wrapped in an app", it does not matter which theme you are using for your website.

Supports Your favorite Membership and E-Commerce Plugins

Don't see your plugin? No worries, we can integrate with your plugin too!

Creating Success for our Clients

Frequently asked questions

Does all my content need to be ready to start the app project?

No, you can add or update content to your website and Mobile App at anytime.

Can I launch my app, before I launch my site?

Absolutely! We have seen many successful organizations take a mobile-first approach to their eLearning environment.

Can I get started in 6 months to a year?

Maintaining quality of service is very important to us. So, our team is not always available to take on new projects. It is important that you get in touch early, if you want to ensure your app is ready on time.

Does my site need to be ready?

No, we can help you set up a Mobile App even if you don’t have a website.

How much of my time will be required for this project?

Very little! We’ll ask you a few questions at the start of your project and provide you with a detailed checklist of assets (such as logo/graphics) we’ll need from you. Your dedicated Project Manager will take it from there! Making the entire process hassle free.

Is this an app builder?

No, this is not a cookie-cutter app builder. This is a custom made solution for your organization using the latest technology for iOS and Android apps.