Built for LearnDash LMS

LearnerApp is designed to seamlessly integrate with the popular LearnDash LMS. The mobile app solution integrates with courses, lessons, topics, quizzes, as well as profiles, badges, and certificates.

In the recent years, since the launch of the wildly popular Social Learner for LearnDash (through our sister brand BuddyBoss) and after working on dozens of small and large enterprise level LearnDash development projects, we have gained a strong expertise in developing solutions for LearnDash.

We’ve combined this expertise with the years of experience of our AppBoss Mobile App developers, to create this truly innovative and first of its kind, Mobile App solution for LearnDash.


LMS Features

  • Multi-Tier Courses

    LearnerApp supports your LearnDash powered courses, and allows for Lessons, Topics, and Categories.

  • Access Rules

    Your app users will only see the courses they have access to on your website. Access rules are synchronized with your website.

  • Quizzes

    The solution supports LearnDash advanced quizzing features, including all question types, hints, results and other key features.

  • User Profiles

    Your learners can keep track of their course progress, badges and certificates. They can also keep track of their discussion activity.

  • Certificates & Badges

    Learners can access their certificates through their profile. Badges and points are also displayed on their profile.

  • Course Discussions

    learnerApp integrates with bbPress forums and incorporates all the cool forum features from the bbApp solution.

  • Other Features

    Features such as Pre-requisites, Course Points, Lesson Timers and Expire Access, are also supported by the solution.

  • Membership Plugins

    If you are using a membership plugin such as Memberium or PMP, to restrict your learner's access to courses, we can help you integrate it.

The Technology


    React Native provides strong performance on the mobile device. This is the same technology used to build the Facebook, Instagram and Airbnb apps and many other popular mobile apps.


    We've built an API for LearnDash, which is installed on your site via our AppBoss plugin. This allows your mobile app to sychronize data with your WordPress site, in real-time. We've done the same thing for bbPress to allow course discussions, in your LearnDash courses.


    Our team has worked on the learnerApp and the API's performance to ensure ultimate scalability.

More Features

  • Social Login

    Allow your learners to easily login or register on your app, using their existing social profiles. Need a social network that is not supported ? We can help you add support for it.

  • Custom Home Page

    You can configure your mobile app’s home page right from your WordPress dashboard. Home page blocks can be added, configured and re-ordered with ease, to create the perfect welcome experience. Changes will show up instantly in your app.

  • In-App Registration

    The app's registration form will match your website's registration form. You can also choose to disable registration from your mobile app.

  • Discussion Forums

    The app incorporates the features from our bbApp, which bring bbPress forum capabilities into the app. This allows your learners to participate in course discussions and learn from other learners. The feature can also be disabled.

  • Custom Pages

    Need to add a custom page ? You can create it on your WordPress dashboard and choose to have it display on your app. This will come in handy for that about page, privacy page, or any other content page you want to show on your app.

  • Google Analytics Integration

    learnerApp integrates with Google Analytics, allowing you to track data about how your mobile app is being used. Need to use a different analytics software ? We can help you with the integration.

  • Configurable Navigation

    Your app's navigation was built to allow for much flexibility. You can add, remove re-order menu items, on your mobile app, right from the menus page on your WordPress dashboard. Changes will apply instantly. Now that's real magic! :)

  • Mobile Ads with Admob

    learnerApp integrates with Admob, allowing you to place Ads in your mobile app. Use another Ad service ? Let us know. We can most probably integrate it for you.


Keep users engaged with push notifications

Push notifications can turn inactive users into highly engaged users, increasing participation, views and the popularity of your forum

  • Discussions Notifications

    Your users can now instantly notified of a new reply, or topic and swipe immediately join the conversation

  • Custom Push Notifications

    Have an announcement to make ? Need to reach out to all your users ? or maybe just users taking a specific course ? You can create your own push notification and have it show up on your user’s phones, instantly.

  • Enable/Disable Notifications

    Your user have control over the notifications they receive via the settings area.

The AppBoss Service

Initial Build & Publish Package

  • App Rebranding

  • Marketing Assets Design

  • iOS App Build & Publish

  • Android App Build & Publish

  • Custom Page Design or Re-design

  • Custom Feature Development

Subscription & Maintenance Package

  • LearnerApp License and Updates

  • On-going Maintenance

  • On-going Support

  • Customer Portal