Why WordPress is the Best Foundation for Your Mobile Learning Program
May 13 2019 - 4 MINS READ
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WordPress is the platform for even the most tech illiterate, code-averse business person.

WordPress understands the worries of the newbie entrepreneur who needs a website for their business without the hefty price tag of ground-up web development.

For that matter, neglecting to use WordPress leaves you unable to leverage the most popular learning management system out there for your course delivery, LearnDash.

WordPress takes care of  much of the coding and programming functionalities for you. The know-how you then need is the design and structure you want for your website, if you aren’t willing to get deep into the code.

WordPress makes the advanced programming work manageable for app development if you use a site developed on their platform as a basis. Everything is clean, with sleek design from modern templates.

This is a simplified process if you use your WordPress website as the basis for your new app.

Other app builders tend to neglect these aspects and just transfer the framework / design template of your website.

You can also rest assured any update made to your website is instantly updated to your app in a cross functional manner.

There are more app development options you can consider for your WordPress site. Example of other such choices include:

  • Use of template builders
  • Customized app development
  • Web apps

Once in the hands of a WordPress-focused development agency, with a long work history of success and happy clients, you can expect high-quality apps.

Developing an app using a template is one useful route, but if you’re looking for a more customized feel, getting in touch with such an agency will help deliver that unique development.

This is a quicker and more cost-effective avenue. The alternative would be carrying out the extensive process of native app development on your own, which is costly and potentially more challenging.

Being a visual website builder, WordPress allows you to look at your web development, as opposed to coding from scratch. Contrast that with testing your code updates each time to ensure it translates correctly in a visual manner.

Our mobile solutions, bbApp and bbPress, perform similarly, translating your WordPress site content in the responsive form of a mobile app, all without having you write a single piece of code.

WordPress also allows a smooth transition of your site from desktop to mobile for your site, so you can rest assured your site will be mobile friendly.

With their themes, your site already has mobile access capabilities. However, this is no substitute for a native app.

These mobile capabilities of your site lack the true speed and optimization of a mobile app. With WordPress though, a mobile app version of your site isn’t far off.

Compared to traditional mobile app development, you can understand that WordPress is less complicated.

It’s easy to use, cost-effective, versatile, and mobile friendly.

But it still requires a know-how of the platform.

Knowledge and expertise in WordPress development isn’t an overnight thing.

For majority of people, their trust is better placed in a development agency.

WordPress allows complete customization control, with no limits on the features you can integrate with your site and app.

Experts know how best to maximize on this.

Of course there will still be tweaks to be made once you’ve built a mobile app using your WordPress site.

But the fact remains, if you have a WordPress site, you’re already a step ahead in getting your mobile app built.  

WordPress has eliminated the need to build from scratch – or at least, they’ve moved the goalposts a lot closer.

These advantages of WordPress websites, plus the help of our mobile solutions, take a lot of the grunt work out of app development.

When it comes to custom mobile app development for a WordPress eLearning site, AppBoss can take you right to the native mobile app you’ve been looking for.

We provide these solutions to help you become an AppBoss.

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