4 Data Driven Reasons Mobile Learning Is The Future Of Education
Sep 13 2018 - 3 MINS READ

Studies show that the average completion rate of online courses is less than 10 percent.

Every course creator has felt the pain of pouring all their effort into sharing their knowledge and expertise, only to fail when it comes to student results and satisfaction.  It’s like a dagger in the heart every time there’s another failed student, or even worse, a refund request from a student who didn’t get through the first module.

Online education used to be exciting; now it feels disheartening.

Yet it’s been proven: when you focus on helping your students complete your course, you will not only earn their praise, they’ll buy more from you and refer their friends too.

A recent shift in the accessibility of the most advanced technology in education today has created a new and exciting solution.

Mobile learning – or mLearning – is giving course creators in-the-know a sorely needed, progressive boost in course completion rates and student satisfaction.

So why should mobile learning matter to course creators and online community builders today?

1. The Average Person Is Spending 5 Hours A Day On Their Mobile Device.

So what are they doing? Studies show they are:

  • Communicating
  • Being entertained
  • And learning!

An incredible 92 per cent of that time is spent using an app, instead of a web browser.

2. More people are choosing mobile experiences over desktop

People are spending more time watching videos on their mobile devices then on their TV or laptop.

On YouTube, 70 percent of all viewing time happens on mobile devices. In fact, learning content is one of the top three reasons people watch YouTube.

Learners are naturally gravitating towards video. They’re consuming videos on their mobile devices without friction, at an exponential growth year over year.

3. Mobile Learning Supports Micro Learning

The “nuggets” of education presented by mobile learning are effective for knowledge retention. “Microlearning” is up to 22 percent more effective than cramming in large chunks of information all at once before taking an exam, according to a study by Dresden University.

That means when your students are standing in line for coffee, waiting for a movie to start, or just taking a break, they can pull up your learning app and continue your courses during downtime. Not only are they more likely to finish your courses this way, but they’re receiving learning benefits associated with this bite-sized, choose-your-own-adventure format.

4. It’s More Affordable Than Ever

Until now, powerful dedicated apps have only been available to major universities and multi-million dollar corporations. That’s because the price tag tends to run, at $50,000 to $100,000 and beyond.

However, AppBoss is building custom mobile learning apps on React Native – the framework build by Facebook and used for apps like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Skype, Pinterest, Uber, and many more of the apps people use every day.

Our team will develop, design, launch and support your native app for a cost 80% less than the typical custom development project.

This means independent educators, course creators and businesses alike can afford dynamic, top-quality mobile apps that do anything their desktop elearning site can do – without having to settle for cookie-cutter solutions or merely optimizing their websites for mobile display.

If you’re an educator that strives to be on the cutting edge of education, student satisfaction, and a market leader, then apply here to for a free Mobile Learner Platform Assessment.