Language Learning Mobile App for Kids by Forest Books
Aug 01 2019 - 1 MINS READ

Teaching passionately for children

Dana Czencz, based in Greece, teaches English to children. They use learnerApp in combination with LearnDash to teach English using interactive quizzes.

They want to incorporate blended learning as part of the teaching experience. Blended Learning – offers students a customized teaching experience and will help the teachers track the students’ progress in real time.

Going mobile

Students love studying in their mobile phones. They reinforce the knowledge they acquire in class anywhere, and any time. With that in mind, it didn’t take long for Forest Books to decide to adapt to the technology of mobile learning.

For Forest Books, the best thing about customizable learning app is the time they saved not needing to work alongside a developer to explain what we need.

Working with AppBoss was very easy. They understood exactly what we needed in order to elevate the experience for our students.

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