Language Learning Mobile App for TalkBox.Mom
Aug 06 2019 - 2 MINS READ

Making language learning memorable is a company that focuses on creating ways to make language learning in the family easy and fun. Have a specific language that you want your children to learn with you? You can purchase language-specific talkboxes from their website and have them delivered at your doorstep.

Each talkbox has their own theme that you can choose from such as kitchen and snacks, entertainment, getting dressed, and more. Inside the talkbox, you will see numerous fun activities that you and your family can participate in.

Users want accessibility

One of the biggest problems her company was facing was allowing their customers to access the audios that comes with their subscription boxes.
Her customers had to go to Learndash on their computer and listen to the audio there.

She was getting a lot of requests from her customers who wanted to access the audio on their phone and she realized that her company needs an app.
Last year, Adelaide was looking for companies that make apps that use LearnDash and she found some potential options.

Having an app is a "game changer"

After doing a lot of research she realized that AppBoss was the best solution out of all the options, because it was a native app and it could customize their audio features.

Adelaide found working with the AppBoss team in her own words “awesome.” She loved how organized the entire process from start to finish was. Also, she thought the end design was beautiful and up to their “cuteness standards.”

Her app just came out and she says that her customers are absolutely blown away by the app and that it’s a “game changer” for them.

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