Training and Community Mobile App for Recovering(me)
Aug 01 2019 - 2 MINS READ

An innovative way to recover from addiction

Meet Drew Ingram, the man behind Recovering(me).

Recovering(me) is an online recovery program for those suffering from addiction to alcohol or opiates. Featuring addiction recovery courses that were once only offered in residential treatment, Recovering(me) allows those with mild to moderate addictions recover from the privacy of their own home. The founder, Drew Ingram, was also a victim of addiction. He goes a bit deeper about his story on a vlog in his YouTube channel.

I think that everybody struggles with something at one point in your life. The problem is, we’re just not good at talking about it.

Making addiction recovery accessible to everyone

Ultimately, Drew’s goal is to make Recovering(me) accessible anywhere. To achieve that goal, Drew’s brand needs to have a native mobile app so that recovering addicts can access the courses anywhere; on the bus or in the office. This is where the AppBoss team comes in.

One of AppBoss’ powerful features is that it is well integrated with LearnDash. You can create comprehensive courses with listed topics and quizzes. To make it much more interesting, you can gamify your app with badges.

The AppBoss team quickly went into the development of Recovering(me) for an Android and iOS release. With a quick turnaround time, Drew was able to release the app a few months ago. He was even featured in a known news channel to announce the launching of the Recovering(me) app.

Future plans for a better recovery from addiction

As of now, the Recovering(me) app features comprehensive addiction recovery courses, video lessons in HD and 4K resolutions, online recovery groups, and a social news feed. According to their website, future features include Recovery Coach Services, Brief Screen Addiction Recovery Test, and a whole bunch of new courses that involves your family and some meditation.

If you want to recover or are recovering from an addiction, you can download the app on the following platforms: